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Developing Innovative Strategies


We listen first.


Having a honest conversation will determine whether we are the right fit for you and more importantly, if and how we can help you.


Because we are results driven, if we think that your issue is best served by an outside entity, we will tell you so. While we want your business, we also want you to be satisfied and to get the results you need.


Connecting Cultures. 


Fuentes Strategies offers culturally competent representation before Congress, Federal government agencies and the Executive Branch.


We specialize in representing, promoting and protecting our clients’ interests in Puerto Rico as well as in a wide range of areas, including but never limited to: Financial Services, Appropriations, Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce, Education, Judiciary, and Immigration.


Well done is better than well said.

Jennice Fuentes, the Founder and Managing Partner of Fuentes Strategies, had a clear vision when she retired from working in Congress after 25 years of service. 


Ms. Fuentes often found those wishing to make their case before Congress were critically unprepared with no clear objectives, rarely followed-up, and oftentimes missed key opportunities to solidify strategic relationships.



Fuentes Strategies, LLC is a consulting firm that caters to a limited number of clients providing them with access and guidance to navigate their governmental relations needs.

Our Founder and Managing Partner, Jennice Fuentes, had a very clear vision when she retired after 25 years working in Congress. She wanted to provide the highly personalized service that companies, organizations and individuals need as they engage Congress and stakeholders in the Hispanic Community. Fuentes Strategies creates solutions through close working relationships with decision makers, exceptional strategic vision and proficiency in the legislative process.​

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