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We can help establish your idea, program, research project, educational research or facility renovation, if it can be included for funding in the Congressional appropriations process. We also provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of grant services through a partnership with The National Group.


The full array of services includes:

  • Providing hands-on management for short-term, time-sensitive and highly technical projects.

  • Working on a long-term basis to build self-sustaining fundraising programs for organizations of any size.

  •  Serving as an institution's or municipalities’ full-service grants department.

  • Establishing practices and mechanisms within an organization that allows for a team to seek federal grant opportunities.

  • Enhancing your chances of winning highly competitive grant competitions, we bring our lobbying experience and contacts to work on your behalf.

We mine federal agencies for information about priorities and direction as they evolve from one budget year to the next. We also work closely with your Congressional delegation, giving them full briefings on your programs and projects, keeping them interested in your project, and securing the Congressional support your project needs. From defense systems to nation-wide educational services to commissioning studies for rare and unique health challenges and conditions, we have the experience to help you identify, secure, and authorize federal funds.


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