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We believe this to be the worthiest of all investments and for this very reason we pay strict attention to the messages and policies being considered by the key stakeholders. We work to ensure your message resonates with theirs. The Biden-Harris Administration has already made critical changes toward students and educators. Initiatives and legislation such as the American Rescue Plan Act, the American Jobs Plan, and the American Families Plan would build back a better education system where everyone can succeed.


Working with our partners at The National Group, we have been one of the most effective advocates in Washington for policy and funding decisions. Our strategic partner, Vince Versage, was a member of the original team that pioneered the federal earmark practice for colleges and universities.  We devise comprehensive and winning strategies that can best help institutions secure significant federal funding and we can help them establish long-term partnerships with federal agencies such as the DOD, Department of Energy, NSF and NASA, among others.

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