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Enrique Gasca


Enrique Gasca has a proven 20-year track record of successfully creating and implementing high profile public outreach campaigns throughout Southern California. As an experienced project manager, Mr. Gasca has efficiently managed several cross-functional public affairs teams, effectively communicating key messages in both English and Spanish. 

His past performance on outreach projects has achieved on-time project delivery, improved project image and increased public awareness and participation.  Mr. Gasca’s strong organizational skills allow him to manage multiple projects in demanding, deadline-oriented environments.  He engages his extensive community network message development experience to enhance public perception of projects. His management style is adept to fast-paced environments while maintaining flexibility and being deadline driven. Mr. Gasca has a genuine interest in uncovering

 innovative communication approaches to help make projects work for all stakeholders.  He is a natural storyteller with excellent speaking, writing and editing skills.  His strong business acumen and knowledge of local community development issues enables him to convey the public benefits brought about by major public works projects to garner community support. 

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