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Melina Sequeira


Melina is our 2021-2022 Intern at Fuentes Strategies. Melina is a full-time student at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain where she is earning a degree in International Relations. She plans to pursue a degree in International Law. Melina is multilingual, with fluent in English and Spanish as well as an near-fluency in French. Her interests in international development go beyond the academic, as she has spent several summers in Uganda, hosting workshops for young women and girls to promote their interest in education, as well as helping them navigate early womanhood in a society where female topics are highly stigmatized. 

During her time in Africa, she also spent time in  elementary, middle, and high schools learning  about the education system and introducing a new perspective to many students. In her hometown of Arlington, Virginia, she has volunteered at a local women’s shelter.

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